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Introducing KUDO, a digital marketing solution from Rocketship that makes getting positive online reviews quick and easy. KUDO solves two common problems that can be a headache for local businesses. First, it simplifies and streamlines the review request process. Second, it mitigates negative...

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Two Ways Word of Mouth Intersects with Your Web Presence

As many established local business owners will tell you, word of mouth still works. Once you have it, it rarely just evaporates, unless a brand loses its focus on delighting customers. But what if you don’t have word of mouth? How do you get more of it? Today, its much more difficult to...

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Word Of Mouth Is More Important Than Ever For Local Businesses

Online Ratings are the new Trust Currency Virtually everyone in business is familiar with the mantra “the best form of advertising is by word-of-mouth.” Yet, uttering those words these days might make you sound more old fashioned than Ward Cleaver. Today you’re much more likely to hear about...

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Take Control Of Your Online Reviews

Kudo is the forever FREE tool that helps you get more positive reviews and fewer negative reviews in just minutes per day.

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