When Should You Ask Customers to Write Local Business Reviews?

In online reputation management, timing is everything. Knowing when to ask customers for feedback can help you more efficiently get reviews for your local business. In turn, online reviews will improve your SEO and make you seem more trustworthy to prospects. These tips can help you time your...

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5 Costly Mistakes to Avoid With Local Business Reviews

For most local businesses, online reputation management is vital to success. 86% of people read local business reviews, according to a recent survey by BrightLocal. High online ratings make it much easier to attract new customers and thrive. But many companies are making major mistakes in the...

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5 (Honest) Ways to Get Good Local Business Reviews

97% of customers now read local business reviews before making a purchase. Aside from helping with SEO, your online ratings could decide whether or not people even consider buying from you. To bring in new customers, local businesses need to ensure they have a strong online reputation. Managing...

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Do Local Business Reviews Improve SEO? [Infographic]

If you’re reading this blog post, we think you’re already a savvy local business marketer. You probably know that SEO helps consumers find your services. But you might not know whether online ratings impact your SEO, or how to best optimize your local business reviews for search engines. Online...

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