The Easiest Way To Boost
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Kudo is the easiest and most effective way to improve your online ratings and reviews. Designed to do one thing very well, Kudo will transform your online reputation in just a few minutes a day. Just enter a first name and email address, and Kudo does the rest automagically.

No credit card required.

Three reasons
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It's easy

Set it up in minutes. Request reviews in a few seconds. Kudo does the rest.


It works

Kudo helps you increase your positive reviews, decrease your negative reviews, and incentivize repeat purchases.


It’s affordable

Kudo is the forever FREE tool that helps you get more positive reviews.

How It Works


Julie K. DuctVac Northwest LLC
Kudo has been an indispensable tool to help my build positive online reviews for my business. I can’t imagine anything easier to use, and it works like a charm.
Bill C.
Reviews are paramount in our potential customer’s decision making process to choose us over our competitors. Kudo helps us secure 5 star reviews and keeps us ahead of the competition!
Eric M.
Kudo is easy to use, inexpensive, and it really works to increase positive reviews and minimize bad ones. Highly recommended for any local business.

Take Control Of Your Online Reviews

Kudo is the forever FREE tool that helps you get more positive reviews and fewer negative reviews in just minutes per day.

No credit card required.


How to Get Customers to Write Online Reviews

How to Get Customers to Write Online Reviews

Getting customers to write reviews in an ongoing struggle for many businesses. You know you need more reviews to improve your online reputation, but most of your customers don’t seem motivated to provide the recommendation or feedback you need. So, how do you get customers to write reviews for your business? We’ll explain our simple step-by-step process below.

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