How to Get Customers to Write Online Reviews

Getting customers to write reviews is an ongoing struggle for many businesses. You know you need more reviews to improve your online reputation, but most of your customers don’t seem motivated to provide the recommendation or feedback you need. So, how do you get customers to write reviews for...

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4 Effective Responses to Fake Negative Reviews

This article is Part 3 in a series on fake reviews. There’s no way to completely prevent fake reviews. Despite recent attempts by the federal government to crack down on them, it’s all too easy for a disgruntled competitor to make a few fake accounts and spam your listings consequence-free. Even...

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When Should You Ask Customers to Write Local Business Reviews?

In online reputation management, timing is everything. Knowing when to ask customers for feedback can help you more efficiently get reviews for your local business. In turn, online reviews will improve your SEO and make you seem more trustworthy to prospects. These tips can help you time your...

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How to Get a Fake Review Removed from Google, Yelp, or Facebook

This article is Part 2 in a series on fake reviews. Fake reviews can be extremely damaging to small and local businesses. Many companies work hard to build a solid online reputation, only for a slew of fake negative reviews from dishonest competitors to pull their ratings down. In an era when 86%...

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