Want a Great Online Reputation? It Starts with Customer Service

In today’s world, word-of-mouth marketing starts with online ratings and reviews. There are dozens of ways to improve your online reputation, from free review generation tools to comprehensive public relations services. 

But if your customer service is so-so, no amount of reputation management will help. To fix your online reputation, you need to double down on the root problem. 

A positive customer experience helps you confidently ask for reviews

customer giving a reviewTo improve your online reputation, you need more customer reviews. But how can you ask for them if your customers are unhappy? You want to get online reviews that reflect well on your company, not reinforce the perception that your company doesn’t care.

Investing in customer service allows you to feel more confident about your customers’ experience. You can be certain most of them would leave a 5-star review if asked. The better your customer service, the more confident you’ll be asking all your customers to write a review.

Good customer service improves your online ratings

According to a Corra survey, over half of customer complaints come from a service issue. That means fixing your customer service could reduce your negative reviews by more than 50%. 

In addition, responsive customer service can help you gain positive reviews, especially if you have a small or local business. 95% of unhappy customers return to a business if it resolves an issue quickly and efficiently. 

And if they’re willing to return to the business, you can bet any reviews they leave will help your online reputation.

Online reputation management only works if you fix the root problem

great customer serviceConsistently poor customer service can easily cause a small or local business to die out. A Vonage survey found that 44% of U.S. consumers take their business elsewhere if they feel they’ve received inadequate service. In other words, if a customer experiences unhelpful interactions with staff, long waits to reach customer service, or just a sense that they’re not appreciated, they might not come back. 

And that statistic doesn’t take into account all the lost potential revenue from your customers’ networks. Most customers would recommend a company to their friends after a positive experience. Meanwhile, nearly half will warn others not to use your business if they have a negative experience. 

No online reputation management tool will fix all the ramifications of a negative experience.

Kudo helps you fix your customer experience AND get more reviews from delighted customers at no cost

The good news is you can fix your customer experience and online reputation at the same time. We’ve developed an efficient, easy-to-use, free customer review software that allows you to not only request more reviews from happy customers, but also get in touch with unhappy customers before they leave a review. 

Setting up Kudo only takes a few minutes. From there, you only need to enter a customer’s first name and email address. Kudo will post customers’ positive reviews on the site of your choice. Better yet, it will redirect unhappy customers to a private page so you can resolve their issues offline.

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